Research Interests

    • Supramolecular Pharmaceutics/Medicine
      We are interested in supramolecular interactions between macrocyclic molecules (such as cucurbiturils, cyclodextrins, pillararenes and calixarenes) and synthetic/natural drugs, with intentions to explore the beneficial roles of these macrocycles as emerging excipients for enhancing water solubility, stability, transcellular activity, and ultimately therapeutic efficacy with reduced side effects of guest medicines. In many cases, these macrocycles may act as reversal agents (or antidotes) towards toxic effects of guest drugs. Our collaborators include colleagues here at UM, as well as external scientists from Canada, France, USA, Hong Kong and mainland China.
    • Supramolecular Biomaterials
      We intend to incorporate high potency ingredients (e.g. particularly those of natural products) into stimuli-responsive supramolecularly self-assembled materials for various biomedical applications such as precision medicine, controlled drug release and interventional medicine for targeted therapy. These material matrices include natural polysaccharides, natural and synthetic macrocycles and their derivatives. By placing real-world clinical applications as our study aim, we work closely with scientists and clinicians in the region and around the world.
    • Biomimetic Drug Delivery and Cytopharmaceuticals
      Constantly inspired by Nature and ancient principles of Chinese medicine, we are highly interested in developing biomimetic drug delivery systems and cytopharmaceuticals, particularly those based on supramolecular assembly, for improved therapeutics in a variety of diseases, such as inflammatory diseases, infections and cancers.