Ruibing Wang


Postdoctoral Fellows:

Dr. Jia Chen, UM Macao Postdoctoral Associate (PhD, Nanjing University of Post and Telecommunications, China)

Dr. Beibei Xie, Macau Youth Scholar
(PhD, Shandong University, China)

Dr. Cheng Gao, UM Macao Postdoctoral Fellow (PhD, University of Macau, China)


PhD Students:

Ludan Yue, Demi
(MSc, Shandong Normal University;
BSc, Shandong Normal University)

Qiaoxian Huang, Amy
(MSc, University of Macau; BSc, Zhejiang University of Technology)

Junyan Li
(BSc, Sichuan University)

Meng Xu, Summer
(MSc, Jinan University; BSc, Jinan University),
co-supervised with Prof. Ying Zheng

Kwong Hei Ting Cheryl
(MSc, University of Macau; BSc, Deakin University), co-supervised with Prof. Simon Lee

Ziyi Wang, Violet
(MSc, University of Macau; BA, China Pharmaceutical University)

Xun Xu
(MSc, Nankai University; BSc, Lanzhou

Yuanfu Ding
(MSc, Nanjing University of Post and Telecommunications; BSc, Hefei University of Technology), co-supervised with Prof. Greta Mok

Qian Cheng
(MSc, University of Macau; BSc, Sichuan University)

Xingping Quan
(MSc, China Pharmaceutical University; BSc,
Hubei University of Chinese Medicine),
co-supervised with Prof. Yonghua Zhao

Zeyu Wang, Jennie
(MSc, University of Macau; BSc, China Pharmaceutical University),
co-supervised with Prof Qingwen Zhang


MSc Students:

Qingfu Wang
(BSc, Sichuan University)

Zhiqing Yang
(BSc, Nankai University)

Huichao Zhao, Daisy
(BSc, University of Macau)

Yating Pan
(BSc, Nanjing University of Post and Telecommunications), co-supervised with Prof Lianhui

Mingju Shui
(BSc, Sichuan University) 

Research Assistant:

Jianwen Wei, Fanny
(MSc, University of Macau;
BEng, Wuhan Institute of Technology)


Huanxian Chen
(MSc student graduated from RW group in
June 2015), currently PhD student at
University of Macau

Wanying Li
(MSc student graduated from RW group in
Jan. 2017), currently a Lecturer at Jilin
Agricultural University, China

Hang yin
(MSc student graduated from RW group in
Jan. 2018), currently PhD Candidate at
Australian National University

Dr. Shengke Li
(PhD graduated from RW group in Dec. 2018), currently a Lecturer at NJUST

Dr Cheng Gao
(PhD student graduated from RW group in
2019, co-supervised with Prof. Simon Lee),
currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at UM 

Qiling Chen
(A research assistant from RW group in 2019), currently a PhD student at University of

Dr. Ting Xia
(Visiting Scholar in RW group in 2019),
currently an Associate Professor at Tianjin University of
Science and Technology

Tianlei Sun, Ray
(Ph.D. student graduated from RW group in 2020, co-supervised with Prof. Richard Ye), currently a financial analyst (biomedicine sector)
at a Private Equity in Shanghai.

Dr. Kuikun Yang
(PhD, University of Maryland, USA), currently Professor at Harbin Institute of Technology.

Yanlong Ma
(MSc, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology; BSc, Jiangsu University of Science and
Technology), co-supervised with prof. Wei
Jiang; currently Associate Professor at Guangzhou Pharmaceutical University.

Ziyi Wang, Violet
(MSc student graduated from RW group in
July 2021), currently PhD student at University of Macau

Xue Yang
(MSc student graduated from RW group in
June 2017), currently Ph.D. student at
Aix-Marseille University, France

Kit Ieng Kuok, Jess
(MSc student graduated from RW group in
Jan.2017), currently a RA at the University of

Qiaoxian Huang
(MSc student graduated from RW group in
Jan. 2018), currently a Ph.D. student at
University of Macau

Ying Jin
(Research Assistant from Jun. 2017 to
Dec. 2018), currently a Safety Engineer in a
Inspection, Certification company affiliated to NJUST.

Qian Cheng
(MSc student graduated from RW group in
Jan. 2019), currently a Ph.D. from the University of

Dr. Xiaobei Huang
(Postdoctoral Fellow at UM in 2019,
co-supervised with Prof. Zhen Yuan, PhD
from Sichuan University), currently a RA at
Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent
Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Jianwen Wei, Fanny
(MSc student graduated from RW group in
Jan. 2020), currently a research assistant at
the University of Macau

Xiangjun Zhang, Roger
(MSc, Third Military Medical University; BSc, Shandong University of Traditional Chinese
Medicine), currently an associate professor at the Third Military Medical University 

Dr. Shuwen Guo
(PhD, Nanjing University, China)

Chen Sun
(MSc, Tianjin University of Technology;
BSc, Tianjin University of Technology), Currently Associate Professor at Hainan University


Undergraduate Researchers:

Pui Kei MouB.Sc.2015.062015.08University of Macau, Macau
Hugh Zhongyu HuangB.Sc.2017.062017.08University of Macau, Macau
Ruige YiB.A.2018.062018.08University of Macau, Macau
Yuye XieB.A.2019.062019.08University of Macau, Macau
Zhibai ChaoB.Sc.2019.082019.11University of Macau, Macau


Visiting Students:

Gudrun MartinzM.Sc.2015.072015.08University of Vienna, Austria
Greg AndrewsB.Sc.2016.072016.09University of Glasgow, UK
Heda JakubuvM.Sc.2017.072017.08University of Chemistry and Technology, Czech Republic
Rosa NascimentoM.Sc.2018.082018.10New University of Lisbon, Portugal
Emily Man Ieng LaoB.Sc.2018.082018.09University College London, UK
Rodrigo da GraçaB.Sc.2019.072019.09Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal
Emily Man Ieng LaoB.Sc.2019.072019.08University College London, UK
Ivan Hou Wang LamB.Sc.2019.062019.07King’s College London, UK